May 25-26, 2023

Hope and Memory

Workshop Hope and Memory | FU Berlin
Program | Hope and Memory

A workshop about the politics of narrating the past
and anticipating the future

Javier Burdman (San Martín)
Volkan Çidam (Istanbul)
Catherine Guisan (Minnesota)
Jakob Huber (Berlin)
Alasia Nuti (York)
Silvia Pierosara (Macerata)
Johannes Schulz (Lucerne)
Peter Verovšek (Groningen)
Lorena de Vita (Utrecht)
Keynote from Max Czollek (Berlin)

December 8-9, 2022

Fortschritt und Regression

Fortschritt und Regression-Manuskript-Diskussion mit Rahel Jaeggi

Manuskript-Diskussion mit Rahel Jaeggi

Organisiert vom Centre for Social Critique / HU und der Nachwuchsforschergruppe Democratic Hope / FU


July 21-22, 2022

The Political Philosophy of Hope

Conference: The Political Philosophie of Hope
Programme | The Political Philosophy Of Hope

International Conference at FU Berlin

Katharina Bauer (Rotterdam / FU Berlin)
Claudia Blöser (Frankfurt)
Andrew Chignell (Princeton)
Marcus Düwell (Darmstadt)
Loren Goldman (UPenn)
Dana Howard (Ohio State)
Titus Stahl (Groningen)
Hartmut von Sass (HU Berlin)
Mathias Thaler (Edinburgh)
Lea Ypi (LSE)

June 02, 2022 | 6pm CET | online via WebEx

Hope Under Oppression

Roundtable Katie Stockdale | Hope Under Oppression

A book roundtable with Katie Stockdale (University of Victoria)

Oppression, Katie Stockdale argues in her recent book, is often a threat and damage to hope. Yet many members of oppressed groups, including prominent activists pursuing a more just world, find hope valuable and even essential to their personal and political lives.

Together with the author we discussed the value of hope for both individuals and collectives in the pursuit of justice, and in an increasingly uncertain world.

With comments by

Claudia Blöser (Frankfurt) / David Owen (Southampton) / Antonin Lacelle-Webster (UBC) / Chair: Jakob Huber (FU Berlin)

Rewatch part of our discussion on YouTube